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Greetings and welcome to the Advent Universe!  Our website has been updated to allow you to download digital comics and gain even greater access to the expanding Universe.  Here you can find all things related to Advent Comics


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Titan the Ultra Man

Limited Time Only!  Ever want to get to know Advent Comics Man of Might?  Get a FREE short story starring Titan from the character's early beginnings.  


From the pages of the COSMOS Maxi-Series comes the COSMOS: WAR One-Shot!  This exciting, tie-in adventure sees how the war with the forces of Dominion has hit the Advent Universe.  Featuring guest stars from across the entire comic book industry as events in the Advent Universe heat up.  The 32-page story features art from Allan Goldman, Silas Dixon, Tony Brandao, Ross Hughes plus many more and has a beautiful cover by Allan Goldman. 


Order  your copies now!  



Advent Comics Comic Books and Graphic Novels can be purchased in several formats.

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