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Prepare To Journey Into ADVENTure!!

This year long program gets you a ticket to the Advent Universe in the

way that YOU wish!!



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Twice A Year 

Ideal for New Fans Of Advent Comics 

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Two Box Sets



Three Times A Year 

Best Value Package Offer for Comics Fans

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Apparel & Merchandise

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Three Box Sets



Four Times A Year 

Best for Serious Collectors 

One Time Fee

Exclusive Comic

CGC  Graded Comics

Four Box Sets 

Old Glory #1 (Director’s Edition)

The Greatest American Heroes ever are coming back…for the first time in this brand new title!  Created by Marcelo Mueller, Fabio Da Silva Bandres and Mindy Lopkin.  36 pgs., FC.

Pantheon One-Shot

From the pages of the COSMOS Maxi-Series comes the Gods of Myth...and they are not happy!  This exciting, adventure sees the return of the Relic as events in the Advent Universe heat up .  The 40 page story features art from Andy Smith, Paris Cullins, Eduardo Mello, Rico Renzi plus many more and has a cover by the late Rich Buckler. 

Order  your copies now!  

Upcoming Comics

Ace One-Shot


Southside #2

Malone knows who killed his friend and nothing will stop him from getting revenge...he goes to WAR!


Blackfire #2

Enter the Man Called...Ether!



The Regulators #2 (of 3)

The Search for Mystic Begins!!


Legend & The Vanguard #1

Witness Advent's Newest Super Team!


Titan the Ultra Man #3

An All-Out Brawl as Titan battles Fight Klub!




Advent Comics Comic Books and Graphic Novels can be purchased in several formats.

COSMOS is the star-spanning, twelve issue cosmic adventure featuring the heroes of the Advent Universe...and beyond!

The Deadliest, Highest-Paid Assassins within the Advent Universe have a secret worth killing for.

Advent's Mightiest Superheroes join together to protect the Earth from threats no one hero can survive.

Advent's Man of Might strives to become what the world needs most- a hero!


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