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The first issue of the first ever twelve issue Advent Comics maxi-series. After the Demon War, the boundaries between universes were damaged and beings from outside the Advent Universe arrived.  In Pandemonium: Evil Incarnate, Outcast arrived from beyond into the Advent Universe…but he was not alone! Now the mysterious Genesis appears – but is he the catalyst that will save the universe or destroy it? And what part does the enigmatic relic from the pages of Darklight & Crew have to play in this cosmic tale? From the very beginning, the unfathomable entities known as The Universals have secretly convened in various matters of cosmic significance in preparation for this moment!


Tony Kittrell, Dody Eka, Fritz Aldrin Casas, Charles Penero, J.E. Lozano, Preston Shuttlesworth, Shawn DePasquale, Oren Kramek


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