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War comes to the Earth as the Regime Empire Attacks! Armada has issued an ultimatum to Earth – Immediately turn over the relic or face total annihilation!


Project: Homeland ups the ante as the covert strike team of Uber heroes known as DEFCON 5 springs into action and the mysterious Veteran & Castle recruit an Elite, International, Special Forces Unit to take the fight to the heart of the invading Regime force. Also, the last page of this issue will deliver a MIND-BLOWING, SHOCK ENDING that will have everyone talking about this series as a MAJOR character enters the Advent Universe!


Tony Kittrell, Myke Guisinga, Ray Ferrer, Gary Mitchell, Bryan Magnaye, Kirsty Swan & Shawn DePasquale. Cover by Allan Goldman, Arsia Rozegar, Vince White


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